Without a doubt, you have already registered for a large number of online accounts, like for emails, shopping, video streaming, movies, budgets and more. Sometimes, it becomes a necessity to share that account with another person. But do you know that you should not share your password with anyone?

Yes, that rule applies to even your family members and roommates. they can effectively impersonate you. They can change all the settings as well inside your account that only you can. And if you reuse that password again elsewhere, they can sneak into other accounts of yours which can be little threatening as well.

Way to make your accounts secure:

For you people, fortunately there are better ways to share accounts without sharing your passwords. Some services have that functionality built right in.


A new service has also been introduced for those who don’t have the build in feature, called Jam. Jam lets you safely, securely and easily share accounts with friends and family, much like a team of people.

Password Managers:

Most password managers come with a password sharing feature built right in. you specify the contacts you want to share your password with, and as long as they have the same password manager installed that you do, the software does all the necessary logging in without displaying the actual password itself.

This way is convenient and safe, but you will have to pay a few dollars a month for a good password manager. These dollars will provide you a strong password generator and secure storage for your passwords.

In case, you don’t want to use this password manager, the apps you are using often have some account sharing tool built into them. These options might be better than using a password manager, depending on your setup.

Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music

When you talk about the big music streaming services like YouTube music, Spotify and Apple music, your best option for secure account sharing is likely to be a family plan. This works like the Amazon Household.

Netflix, Hulu, and Disney Plus

While using Netflix, Hulu and Disney Plus, there is no specific option for sharing your password with people inside the app. But you can set up different profile inside the same account. You can also restrict streams for multiple devices.


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